Important Alzheimer’s Research on Display at CTAD 2013

Submitted by Chahin Pachai on October 28, 2013Next month, I will be attending the 6th annual Clinical Trials Conference on Alzheimer’s Disease (CTAD) conference along with fellow members of the BioClinica Central Nervous System therapeutic team including Luc Bracoud, Joël Schaerer and Florent Roche.

At the meeting, we will be presenting volumetric MRI data from Bristol-Myers Squibb’s CN156-018 Alzheimer’s Disease study. The study was the first prospective, randomized, controlled trial in subjects with pre-dementia AD using entry criteria based upon clinical phenotypic features and CSF biomarker criteria.We will have the privilege of presenting four posters (listed below and on the CTAD conference website) prepared in collaboration with the Bristol Myers Squibb’s Alzheimer Disease (AD) and Imaging teams. The posters focus on volumetric MRI and PET results from BMS study CN156-018 including:

  • Longitudinal whole brain, ventricular and hippocampal atrophy rates of the CN156-018 cohort compared with ADNI-1.
  • Comparison of Tensor Based Morphometry (TBM) and Boundary Shift Integral (BSI) for assessing whole brain, ventricular atrophy.
  •  Predictive value of baseline hippocampal volume and brain amyloid burden on atrophy rates for predementia AD subjects.
  • 2D and 3D image quantification strategies for assessing intracranial volume using MRI.

The volumetric MRI results from this study were obtained by applying BioClinica’s fully-automated image processing and quantification methods.

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