Enhanced Usability in Allegro CTMS Multi-Site Edition

Managing protocols across multiple sites can be challenging, requiring detailed site selection, study start-up and project management processes.  To alleviate some of the frustrations that can arise and reduce the time allocated to these tasks, many multi-site networks have implemented a clinical trial management system (CTMS) to keep themselves organized and automate some processes.

One clinical trial management system, Allegro CTMS Multi-Site Edition, is designed specifically to meet the needs of these investigator site networks and trial management organizations.  It features components for subject visit management, financials, project management, and site selection, to name a few.  To keep it relevant to industry needs, it is continually being assessed for enhancement opportunities, which are compiled into a release a few times a year.  Recently, the system received several updates, allowing for better workflows and compliance.  Some of these new enhancements include:

  • Visit Tolerances: Tolerance dates for visits have been updated to be more user-friendly, providing this information by date ranges rather than +/- a set number of days.  Additionally, this information can easily be viewed in a pop up window from the home page, allowing for fast and easy rescheduling, when necessary.
  • Visit Scheduling: A variety of components have been added that allow for improved scheduling internally.  An advanced scheduling link allows staff members to allocate time only to the times they are needed rather than cluttering their calendar with all day subject visit events.  Additionally, screening visits have been updated to include a screen fail option, which flows through to financials, enabling proper billing to the sponsor for screen fails versus passes.
  • Site Selection: The site selection component has been enhanced to include customizable questions that can be defined relevant to each organization’s needs.
  • Credentials: The ability to track board certifications and both investigator and staff credentials has been added.  Consolidating all this information into the system makes it easy to find later and monitor when expirations of these credentials are approaching.

These features and more can be found in the newest release of Allegro CTMS Multi-Site Edition.  To learn more, visit http://forteresearch.com/ctms-allegro/

The original press release can be found here: http://www.pressreleasepoint.com/enhanced-usability-allegro-ctms-multi-site-edition